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What is PHP?

Famously known as Hypertext preprocessor, PHP is a programming language mainly used for web development in different companies. It uses server-side scripting to come up with impressive web pages. Being a cross-platform programming language, its commands are incorporated in HTML documents. Besides, PHP tags prevent the use of complex codes to produce a HTML output. Since it uses server-side scripting, users cannot view the PHP codes once they are executed. This programming language works well with operating systems such as LINUX, Windows, UNIX and others. Some learners may find PHP quite easy to comprehend while others require PHP coding experts to get through the tasks. We avail the most knowledgeable and experienced programmers to assist with all your programming needs. PHP has extensions such as .php, .phtml and .php3, with its files comprising HTML tags, texts and scripts.

The following features characterize PHP concisely

  1. It is a simple and easy to use programming language 
  2. It is an open source software (free to download)
  3. Allows for error reporting
  4. Since it is an interpreted language, it does not require compilation
  5. It runs on different operating systems (Is platform independent)
  6. Its flexibility, simplicity and efficiency make is superior to other languages
  7. Allows for real-time access monitoring

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Topics for PHP Assignment Help

To ensure that you fully cover the course, professors will issue different topics for PHP assignments. We always assign you PHP writers that match your academic level and the complexity of your paper. Our writers have helped students to cover areas such as

  • Cake PHP
  • Basic Syntax
  • PHP database 
  • PHP strings
  • PHP error handling
  • Data validation
  • PHP Accelerator
  • Arrays
  • PHP Data Types
  • Creating a contact form
  • The mail sending system
  • Basic tags
  • PHP with AJAX
  • Type hinting
  • Stream file uploading and downloading
  • Core PHP and others

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