Importance of Accounting

Accounting is the systematic process of recording, organizing, measuring, and analyzing financial business transactions. For any business, organization, or company to make sane decisions, they require some accounting information. Such information helps both internal and external entities to plan accordingly. These businesses/ organizations, therefore, need accounting experts to help them in producing accurate records. Highlighted below are some of the roles that accounting plays towards the successful running of any organization.

  • Accounting as a decision-making tool

All decisions that a company/ business makes largely depend on the available accounting information. These decisions include how to cut costs, develop new projects, and conduct marketing, and so on. The management requires accounting to enable them to run all departments properly. External parties such as tax authorities, stakeholders, and potential investors also use accounting information to decide accordingly.

  • Helps in assessing the performance of a business/ organization

Accounting provides financial information that enables one to establish a business’s current financial position. It also facilitates comparison by using information from the past years. Consequently, business owners can forecast which direction the company is likely to take in the future. One can also identify the indebtedness of the business, profit, and expenses.

  • Accounting is a useful planning tool

All activities require proper planning for timely and correct completion. Accounting helps in making plans regarding sales, marketing, purchases, target setting, and many more. With accurate accounting information, each activity is allocated adequate resources for a successful project

  • Accounting is an effective tool for communication

Both internal and external parties can reach conclusive decisions from the available financial and non-financial information. Interested investors do not need word of mouth to convince them when records are laid on the table. Similarly, employees can look at accounting information and determine their future in a certain institution. Financial ratios also play a crucial part in communicating the financial position of a business to relevant entities.

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  • Helps in budgeting and making projections

Any business requires a realistic budget if it is to continue its aaoperations indefinitely. The available accounting information determines how the budget should be distributed among various activities and projects. Besides, information from the past helps to determine how a business can continue being profitable.

  • Accounting ensures there is statutory compliance

All businesses run under certain rules and regulations, which may vary from one state or country to another. With accurate accounting information, any business stands to remain compliant in terms of taxes, pension funds, certification, and others.

  • It helps in coordination

Proper coordination ensures that a company meets its targets on time. Such coordination may involve various departments whose link is the financial element. Purchase of materials, payment of workers, payment of debts, and many more, all depend on the accounting department. Therefore, a smooth flow in accounting facilitates the proper working of other departments, hence timely and convenient completion of projects.

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  • Accounting is a crucial motivation tool

Proper remuneration plays part in motivating employees to remain productive in a company. When the business is aware of their financial position, they can remunerate their staff accordingly. Heavily financed benefits may strain an organization if it does not have prior information on its current liquidity.

  • Accounting information helps to detect and prevent fraudulent activities

An organization should be strict on the accounting records it keeps. This way, it is easy to detect unusual practices that may affect its finances negatively. An effective accounting system helps to keep track of any activity involving cash inflow and expenditure too. It also promotes transparency within and outside any business organization

  • Accounting leads to improvement in payment cycles

a good accounting system factors in the receivables and payables of the company. This enables timely payment of debts, salaries, wages, and dividends among others. It also provides the organization with adequate information regarding its creditors, allowing for timely payment. A business with favorable payment cycles enjoys professional services within and outside its premises.

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