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Students in fields such as engineering, economics, applied math, and science encounter various differential equations. Such equations help to come up with solutions regarding motion, economic status, and others. Due to the complexity of these concepts, students find themselves looking for differential equations homework help. Some learners need to understand the basic concepts while others seek advanced know-how. Whichever your case, mypaperhelpers.net has the best differential equations homework doers online. They assist high school, college, and university students to achieve their dream grades. We have experts such as engineers, mathematicians, economists, and others to best suit your academic needs.

What are Differential Equations?

Most students are conversant with the basic equations from which they obtain derivatives. These problems prove easier to solve than when differential equations are in the picture. A differential equation not only consists of a variable but also the derivative to that variable with respect to another. These equations can be expressed in terms of functions as shown below

Y’ + Y = X + 3

dY/dX + Y = X + 3

f’(X) + f(X) = X + 3

Students ought to identify the functions of X that provide satisfactory solutions to the function of X. They must also be keen to distinguish between partial differential equations and ordinary differential equations.


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ODE example: dxdy =5x−3 with ordinary differential equation solution as

Multiply through by dy and divide through by 5x−3:


Integrating both sides,

dx5x-3=dy= 15 log [5x-3] = y+c1

5x-3= ± exp (5y + 5c1)

X=± 15  exp (5y + 5c1) +  35

Let C= 15  exp (5c1) hence, x(y) = Ce5y+ 35

The function x(y) satisfies the ODE 

dxdy = 5Ce5y

5x – 3= 5Ce5y +3 -3= 5Ce5y

How about Partial Differential Equations Assignment help?

Partial differential equations take the form such as δ2y/δx2 +  δy/δx + 4y = 2. Many students deem them difficult to compute, hence, seeking partial differential equations assignment help. We have been assisting students at different academic levels to solve such partial differential equation problems. Our team of competent math helpers ensures that you receive accurate solutions to each question. Besides, they work round the clock to help you to beat fast-approaching deadlines without compromising quality. If your physics professor requires you to use partial differential equations to explain a concept, we are here to assist. We help economic, actuarial science, engineering, and other learners as well.

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