Best Accounting Firms

The Best Accounting Firms for beginners and gurus

Before graduating, every accounting student hopes to land a prestigious job at one of the best accounting firms. Such companies consider the learner’s academic performance as well as other activities in which they engaged. However, it becomes difficult to balance studies and extracurricular activities, especially for accounting students. Getting reliable study partners and online accounting help can go a long way in getting you to your dream job. Below is a list of some of the most reputable accounting firms everybody yearns to work for.

  • PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) LLP

PWC is a New York-headquartered accounting firm operating in 157 countries across the globe. It recruits and further trains individuals who portray high levels of intelligence and care. Besides, if you are the type that is always up for a challenge, this is the place for you. The company remunerates its employees well and offers great opportunities to grow. Its key industries include human resources, consulting, forensics, and others.

  • Deloitte LLP

Deloitte is yet another accounting firm with its headquarters in New York and operating in over 150 countries. It observes the rules and regulations set by the country in which it runs its operations. It majors in four main industries that are audit, tax, advisory, and consultancy. This is the place for professional individuals who always strive to reach greater heights. Working here, you also stand a chance to grow and learn new ideas often. On the downside, be prepared to work for long hours and endure the bureaucracy present here.

  • EY (Ernst & Young) LLP

EY is one of the big four accounting firms and has its headquarters in London. It was formed after the merger of two companies owned by A.C Ernst and Arthur Young. Among the services that they offer include but are not limited to advisory, financial services, tax, and assurance. It focuses on industries such as telecommunications, life sciences, real estate, government, and private sectors among others. Everybody loves great salary packages and recognition for their work; you will get this at EY. Furthermore, it is a great place to encounter challenging opportunities and grow too.


KPMG is yet another of the big four accounting firms, whose headquarter is in Amstelveen. It has 155 member countries, with over 174000 employees distributed across these nations. It deals with advisory, audit, and tax. Among the industries that can access KPMG’s services include finance and banking, media and telecommunications, real estate, construction, and technology. As an employee in this company, you always feel at home since they encourage individuals to operate as a close-knit family. If you are looking to work in one of the fastest-growing accounting firms, this is the place to be. Those who love to travel also experience a lot of it at KPMG.

  • Grant Thornton LLP

With its headquarters in Chicago, Grant Thornton offers tax, advisory, and audit services to various firms. You get to enjoy the diversity of handling different religions and institutions, both government and private. They acknowledge the importance of a proper work-life balance, hence motivating many employees. The staff here also stand a chance to grow and diversify while remaining flexible. However, you should be ready to meet the high expectations that the firm sets.


This Chicago-based firm has offices in over 150 countries across the globe. It offers services such as investment banking, tax, assurance, consulting, advisory, and corporate real estate. BDO has a people culture that involves putting people’s needs first, both employees and clients. This practice gives everyone who associates with them a sense of belonging. They also strive to ensure that employees have a favorable work-life balance as well as proper remuneration. They are reputable for their professionalism and the use of technical teams.

  • Crowe Horwath LLP

Crowe Horwath LLP is a Chicago headquartered firm that provides services in areas like audit, risk consulting, tax, and performance. If you are innovative, your skills will be highly appreciated here to solve clients’ needs. Employees also enjoy a conducive working environment with great chances of growth. The leadership skills here are top-notch, encapsulated by the managers and partners in the firm.


RSM has its headquarters in Chicago and offers various services to firms in the middle market. These services include consulting, audit, and tax. The staff at RSM work as a family and have chances to learn from designated professionals. The company acknowledges and rewards the positive performance of its employees. Long working hours are typical in this firm.

  • Moss Adams LLP

Moss Adams comprises over 100 accounting and audit companies, providing services in over 102 countries globally. It has its headquarters in Seattle and focuses on providing tax, consulting, and assurance services. It offers professional services to clients, provides a comfortable working environment for employees, and offers great compensation. However, the leadership skills in this firm are wanting.

  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, (Baker Tilly) has its headquarters in Chicago and operates in over 110 countries. It offers consulting, tax, accounting, and assurance services to various industries. For matters of mergers and acquisitions, litigation, estate planning, and others, you are home with Baker Tilly. Employees boast of working in a friendly environment, with a chance to learn and grow, while enjoying a favorable work-life balance. However, you must learn how to meet the set targets for you to enjoy life here.

As a student, you must understand what you stand to gain once you are in one of these reputable accounting firms. If it is merely about the prestige, then you should re-evaluate your goals. On the other side, if these companies offer you the challenge that you desire, then go for it. Our professional accounting tutors can help you with your academic performance. They help you to grasp the concepts, making you acceptable in any firm. We offer mentorship in the accounting industry, helping you to achieve your goals, no matter how difficult it may seem. At, you interact with accountants who have worked for reputable organizations.